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About Haller Design

Haller Design - interior and store windows is an interior design studio based in Zürich, Switzerland that focuses on enhancing the interior of private homes and small businesses.

We design store window concepts and product exhibitions.

We offer personal guidance tailored to your needs. This includes defining the right style for your home, creating a color concept for your rooms or advising  you on selecting sustainable, environmentally friendly materials for your interior.

Our vision  is to guide you as customer with our expertise on your journey to realize your dream environment.

The company was founded by Krisztina Haller. 


Design and creation have always been an integral part of my life. I have been learning the ability to build and recreate a living environment since I was a child and have been constantly developing it with the education and experience I have gained throughout my life. I acquired my diplomas and experience in remodelling and decoration in various countries. Having practiced interior design in different cultures for decades, I place the personal preferences and needs of my clients under special emphasis. The cornerstone of my interior design philosophy is the importance of a concept developed in close collaboration with my customers.

About me

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