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The Nutcracker is in!

Popular as a Christmas decoration in the USA for decades, the Nutcracker figurine is now gaining attraction all over Europe.

Did you know that the use of this holiday ornament can be traced back to old German tradition?

The Nutcracker originates from the Ore Mountains and Thuringia in Germany. The American hype over Nutcrackers only started after the initial release of the Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker (1982), which has since become a classic Christmas spectacle.

In the 19th century, the Germans used nutcracker figurines as simple household utensils suitable for breaking nuts, however, has also interpreted these objects as magical, creating many myths and traditions around them. For instance, the dolls were regarded to be a symbol of luck that protected families and cast out evil spirits.

Styles and models

Nowadays home decor stores offer different styles, sizes and color variations of nutcracker puppets. In addition to the traditional colours of green, red and blue with the occasional gold accent, nutcracker figurines are also available in fashionable colour combinations, such as gold-white and silver-blue colorway, as well as pastel colours including pink-white and mint-white scheme.

Sizes and variations

There are many nutcracker sizes, meant for many different settings; Larger nutcrackers are a splendid way to add some warmth to your doorstep. Medium sizes are best suited for table or shelf display, adding that Christmas spirit into your home. Small nutcrackers will look just great on your tree or even on your nightstand. In other words, select places for select nutcrackers.

We hope this quick run-through of the true origin and uses of the nutcracker has been insightful, maybe it even inspired you to get your own nutcracker.

However, as Christmas is drawing evermore close, we have just one more thing to say...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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